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about us

Wroclaw Investment House is a company dedicated to providing financial advice (Corporate Finance). We specialize in raising capital: Warsaw Stock Exchange, NewConnect, VC / PE, Business Angels and bank financing and debt. Our experts have participated in many purchases on the multi-million dollar enterprise scale.

Due to numerous contacts in the capital market advise the company best suited solutions. Our competitive advantage is undoubted skill Deal Creation, which is particularly important at the level of Private Equity and Venture Capital.


Raising Capital

Development of the company is related to investments. Well-planned and implemented result in improved position in the market and increase its capacity expansion.

Our customers can advise and help raise funding using the following options:

  • NewConnect
  • Regulated market
  • Business Angel
  • Venture Capital
  • Debt Financing
We advise on:

  • Financing companies (credit, debt, bonds, private issue, etc.),
  • The entrance to the main floor and NewConnect WSE,
  • Obtaining a financial investor and industry,
  • The sale of the company.
  • Transaction advisory.

Each transaction purchase or sale of a business is a complex process that requires expertise and a trusted advisor. Wroclaw Investment House offers professional advice on all types of capital transactions. Our experts have participated in dozens of transactions in different markets in Poland and abroad. We provide detailed and strategic advice and care over the company after the transaction or raising capital.


Wrocławski Dom Inwestycyjny Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 1
biurowiec Times
50-077 Wrocław
Phone: +48 604 160 511

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